About us

AC Milan Spot is a website dedicated to the famous Italian soccer team AC Milan. Initially we started with this project in December 9, 2015 and the first ACMILANSPOT.COM website was online on 01.01.2016. The first website was created in form on Google’s platform blogger and supported by our facebook and twitter accounts.

Because at that time i the owner of AC Milan Spot could not find other fans which would share the time consuming job of publishing new content and maintaining the website & the social network accounts after one year the project was closed. However our social network accounts remained partially active.

After more than one year i decided to reactivate the site, now as a serious project and not ordinary blog. I with some fellow rossoneri invested in developing the site and growing our social network. We decided that we want to create community which will connect all AC Milan’s fans together.

The rebuilt and refreshed website was online once again in September 2018. This time we were more people with more energy in a project where everyone helps equally. We are open to everyone who wants to contribute, write stories, news, create any kind of AC Milan dedicated content in order to help growing the community and show his love for the club. #ForzaMilan