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AC Milan Spot represents great place to place your advertisement. We do offer a professional advertisement system, which is very cheap and incredible effective. For all advertisements placed on our website we offer detailed statistics, like views, click, conversion rate etc.

We offer several different positions on which you can show your advertisements. Every position has its own unique value, and impact to the visitor. Bellow you are going to be able to see all positions on which you can place advertisement, and a price for 1000 impressions.

Besides advertisements we do offer guest articles, for more details on guest articles feel free to contact us any time.

We offer total of 7 different positions, which have sub-positions or few different choices.

Position id Price (per 1000 impressions) Size Additional information
1 4$ and 7$ (double) 990×80 and 990×150(double) This position offers two different options. Regular option and double option. The double option includes banner which has x2 height. You can check example on the image bellow. This is premium position, and features banners only on the home page, and the 3 main pages (AC Milan Recent news, Transfer talk, Serie A).
2 3$ and 5$(double) 300×250 and 300×600 This position covers the banners shown on all articles. As you can see on the example, these banners are shown in the top right corner. This position allows 2 types of banners, regular and double. The double version offers far bigger banner in terms of height.
3 8$ 600×80 This position is without any doubt one of the most influencing one. The banner is placed in the middle of every article, and the visitor can not miss it.
4 4$ and 3$ 600×80 This position offers two options. The position 4.1 is displayed before the start of every article, while position 4.2 shows banner after every article.
5 8$ 990×80 This position is one of the most effective, as it is shown on the users display all the time. The visitor has option to hide the advertisement, however he can not miss it. The advertisement is sticky to the bottom of the display (both mobile and desktop) and remains as the visitors scrolls down.
6 25$ 980×750 This is premium position, and the entire view space is reserved for your advertisement. There is no automatic redirect and the visitor remains to see your advertisement until he clicks the continue link at the top.
7 18$ and 30$ (bigger in size) 500×500 and 900×750 Your banner is shown as pop-up on the website. This is premium position as well, and it has enormous impact on the visitor.
  • We offer feature which allows you to set daily limit of impressions, or split the impressions you buy over period of time.
    Example you order 5000 impressions, and want to run campaign which will last 10 days. We are going to display your banner 500 times per day in a period of 10 days.
  • The minimal order for positions 2 and 4 is 1000 impressions.
    The minimal order for positions 6 and 7 is 4000 impressions.
    The minimal order for positions 1, 3 and 5 is 3000 impressions.
  • The maximal size of the banner is 150KB.
  • Besides the regular order will give you extra impressions every day, which will be automatically activated once the daily limit is reached. ( you can choose to opt out of this if you want to limit the influence of your advertisement )
  • Regarding positions 6 and 7, these advertisements will be displayed only on the initial visit of the visitor. If he opts to read more news in his regular visit, he is not going to see the ads again. This is good practice for the advertisements, as the visitor is not forced to watch the same content for multiple times.
  • The size of the banners is not strict, however it would be okay to display banners which have similar size (height and width) as the one specified here. We are open for mutual agreement for other sizes.
  • Some of the positions (1,2 and 4) in the table above have 2 prices. That is because the same position offers two different(but similar) places, or 2 different features. Please see the examples bellow so you can understand this simpler.

To ask us any questions regarding the marketing segment, to make order or for any other inquiry contact us on [email protected]

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