AC Milan 1-0 Win – Stefano Pioli Has His First “Score” as Manager

This Thursday, Stefano Pioli had his first win as the manager of AC Milan. Going against SPAL, Rossoneri won by 1-0 – courtesy of a very impressive free-kick by Suso. Just three points separated the struggling teams on the bottom part of the table.  

This clash gave Milan the opportunity to lift back their spirits after losing five out of six games. Suso’s previous goal before this was on May 19 – which means that the team was in desperate need of a win. This also set the footfall betting odds higher for them – and those opting for Max Football Bets would have better wins as well.  

A Game of Opportunities  

Lucas Paqueta was actually the first one to get the chance of the night and make a score. This happened when he went right down the right flank and put a stop into Berisha’s attempts to score. That was when the midfielder Suso steps up, sending the ball straight into the right-hand corner of the top, against SPAL.  

Once the win occurs, the youngster that was formerly from Liverpool is “mobbed” by his team members. He broke the deadlock, which means that the team was finally able to reap some joy out of this season.  

Making Up for Missed Chances 

All things considered, Milan missed a great chance for a good goal as well. Krystian Piatek had a miss-hit, sending the ball across the box in Castillejo’s direction. Since the positioning was not so stellar, all he could do at that point was to smash it against the crossbar – leaving the goal gaping.  

SPAL also threatened to break the deadlock after a good move from Sergio Foccari – but as the corner he won flashed right by the upright, his header was miscued. AC Milan entered the second half of the game with good spirits and great fortune as well, as Theo Hernandez went for a low cross from the back post – but since the Frenchman was fairly offside, that goal was immediately ruled out.  

As the game progressed, Pioli’s side seemed to be knocking again as the door. Calhnoglu found a good space where he could shoot from an angle, but unfortunately for them, that shot was blocked by Nenad Tomovic 

The Moment of Victory  

When Suso, the substitute, stepped up, things started taking another turn. He curled the free-kick, sending the ball straight into the top right-hand corner – at a fair distance from the clutches of Berisha. This earned them the win, which made manager Pioli a relieved man after his team had won.  

There were various opportunities for Milan to score a goal. Lucas Paqueta had a few opportunities to do so but was unable to find the net. This is why, when Suso scored, the entire team practically mobbed him as they were all sighing with relief.  

The whistle announcing the full-time made it clear that AV Milan had one. After this, Pioli left the place relieved that he has secured his first points as a manager. However, there is still much work to be done – as you may already know if you bet on football regularly.