AC Milan in talks with Suso to remove the release clause

remove the release clause

As our latest reports confirm, the talks between Suso and Milan to remove the release clause are in progress. As always, Suso has once more confirmed that he wants to stay at the club, and renew his deal. In the last few days significant progress has been made, and concrete numbers were mentioned. With the new deal it is expected that the club will double his current salary, which now will be 4 million per season. Another important thing is that the current deal which is due to 2022 will be extended for 1 year. 
The main objective for the renewal is to remove the release clause of 38 million, which can be only activated by foreign clubs. If the clause is not remove, it will be replaced with one much higher, probably not affordable for any other club.

On the other side Chelsea and Real Madrid are lurking in the background. They are waiting for the right moment to activate the current release clause, and to steal the Spanish winger. It would be for the best for the club if they manage to complete the negotiations for the new deal as soon as possible, so our best player can remain at the club.