AC Milan is preparing for Gattuso ‘s successor

AC Milan is preparing for Gattuso 's successor

AC Milan is preparing for Gattuso ‘s successor
After the series of bad results, the talk for Gattuso’s future is actuel again. Right now AC Milan are on the 4th place in Serie A, however until the end there are few hard matches. Also there is big competition for the 4th place, as Lazio, Atalanta and Roma will try to use every chance they get. Our sources from AC Milan confirm that Gennaro will continue his work in the club in only one case. That case is if AC Milan qualify for Champions League.

After the 3 defeats in the past 4 games the Champions League seems farther and farther. This forces the management to think about coaches which would replace Gattuso, if we do not manage to keep the current position. Most Italian newspapers and media are claiming the Maurico Pochettino will take the club in summer. Ivan Gazidis knows Pochettino’s qualities very well and is convinced that he is the right man for us. Our sources from Italy claim something very different. As we understand, Pochettino option is nearly impossible, because AC Milan would need to pay 40 million euros for Pochettino.

Our sources confirm that the real option is Antonio Conte. Antonio has been without job for some time now, and has openly stated that he wants to return in Italy. Another positive fact is that once he already agreed move from Juventus to Milan, however Juventus did not let him. This would be the ideal option for Conte to take over AC Milan.
AC Milan Spot team believes that from June Antonio Conte will be Gattuso ‘s successor, however it will be best to wait and see! #ForzaMilan

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