AC Milan prepares for January market

AC Milan prepares for January market

AC Milan prepares for January market
Even though there are 2 months until the start of the winter transfer window, AC Milan has already started to prepare. This season the team plays bellow all expectations, because of that Marco Giampaolo was sacked. However even though it is still early to comment, Stafno Pioli does not cause optimism in the rossoneri as well.

After so many coaches changed, new question is starting to appear, are the coaches really the problem? Analyzing this fact, Milan’s management believes that the team lacks experienced players, which can give immediate quality and be role models for the young players. The new idea is to bring players which would be leaders of this young Milan, and carry it forward in big and hard games.

This is the main reason why Milan’s management already is preparing for the January transfer window. However this time we might actually see experienced players joining Milan. As biggest contenders to join the rossoneri are: Luka Modric, Dejan Lovren and Ivan Rakitic.

All three of them have one thing in common, all of them are not happy into their current teams. It is not secret that Modric is in great terms with one of AC Milan’s directors Zvonimir Boban. Boban’s relation with the Croatian midfielder can help Milan bring once the best player in the world.

Dejan Lovren and Ivan Rakitic are on Liverpool’s and Barca’s exit doors as well. Their clubs are willing to part ways with the experienced players mostly because they will not have to pay their big salaries. This could be great chance for Milan to bring players with great experience in the club.

Our analysts believe that Milan can bring all 3 players already in January. However there is one obstacle to this entire process. Ivan Gazidis, AC Milan’s SEO has strict policy against players who are 30 or older. Paolo Maldini and Boban will have to persuade Gazidis to accept the players, in order to improve Milan’s team.