AC Milan ready to sell Kessie and Calhanoglu

AC Milan ready to sell Kessie and Calhanoglu
The summer transfer window is closer and closer, and Milan’s management is already preparing for it. When we sum up all the things this season is not as good as everyone expected. Because of this the management is ready to make drastic changes to the team once again. This time most of the changes that will be completed are on the midfield and the wings. The only secure player in the midfield is Lucas Paqueta. Everyone else is on sale. The same goes for the wings, where if appropriate offers arrives the management will consider the sale of Suso.

As our sources from Milan confirm the management has already even decided the sums which will consider for Franck Kessie and Hakan Calhanoglu. The Turkish midfielder will be sold for sum in the region of 15 – 20 million euros. There is big interested for his services in Germany, where he played before he came to AC Milan.

Franck Kessie on the other side is valued a little more by the management. The Ivorian midfielder will be sold if an offer greater than 28 million euros comes. There is huge interest in Franck, especially in England. As biggest candidate for his service surfaces Tottenham.

Milan is ready to sell Kessie and Calhanoglu, but Suso as well. All money which will be gathered from the sold players are planned to be reinvested in new players.