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Among the younger players Donnarumma has played most

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Bellow you can find all recent news regarding AC Milan. Find out the most dependable information on Milan, and the latest updates about the rossoneri. However if you are looking for news related to the transfer market (mercato) check out the Transfer talk page . We are categorizing the news so the fans can easier find the topics they are looking for.

Also besides separate transfer talk page, we have part of the website dedicated to the Milan`s performance in the Italian Serie A . In the menu`s section "Team" you can find detailed information on all players which currently play for the rossoneri, and some former players which left recently.

Published on: 07/03/2020 by Thomas Nickol

Pioli could stay in Milan next season?! Gazidis gave him advise?!

Today we receive interesting update on the current situation in AC Milan. As we understand Stefano Pioli could stay in Milan next season as well ....


Published on: 07/03/2020 by Mario Alfonsi

Donnarumma's future in AC Milan still uncertain?!

Donnarumma's future in AC Milan is still very uncertain. The young goalkeeper has contract with the rossoneri until the end of the next season and still...


Published on: 07/03/2020 by Thomas Nickol

Maldini to leave AC Milan at the end of the season?!

AC Milan's legend Paolo Maldini is expected to leave the rossoneri at the end of the season. As we understand after the big chaos which happened Paolo...


Published on: 06/03/2020 by Thomas Nickol

Kjaer: Pioli gave me confidence

AC Milan's defender spoke to the Italian media regarding his current club. Kjaer said that Pioli gave him confidence and that it will be very hard ...


Published on: 05/03/2020 by Mario Alfonsi

OFFICIAL: AC Milan - Genoa to be played this Sunday

The postponed game between AC Milan and Genoa will be played this Sunday. Today we received offical confirmation on the date and the time when this game..


Published on: 04/03/2020 by Thomas Nickol

Ante Rebic among the top scorers in Serie A in 2020

AC Milan's forward Ante Rebic is among the top scorers in the Italian Serie A in 2020. Ante has scored 6 goals in 2020 same as Cristiano Ronaldo, Ilicic...


Published on: 04/03/2020 by Thomas Nickol

The numbers confirm it, Pioli has improved AC Milan's defense

AC Milan's coach Stefano Pioli has improved rossoneri's defense. This can be confirmed by the statistics which confirms that the rossoneri...


Published on: 03/03/2020 by Thomas Nickol

Boban to leave Milan already tomorrow?!

The chaos which is taking place in AC Milan is reaching its climax. As we understand Zvonimir Boban is set to leave Milan, and could return to his former...


Published on: 02/03/2020 by Thomas Nickol

Elliott believes in Gazidis, Maldini and Boban to be replaced?!

As the latest reports confirm Maldini and Boban could be replaced in AC Milan. We understand that there is inner war between the management in the ...


Published on: 01/03/2020 by Thomas Nickol

OFFICIAL: Gabbia extended his AC Milan contract

Today we receive great news. One of AC Milan's most talented player Matteo Gabbia has extended his contract with the rossoneri. Gabbia is now bound with...


Published on: 26/02/2020 by Mario Alfonsi

Vieri: Ibra is phenomenon

The former Italian footballer Bobo Vieri recently gave interesting statement regarding Ibrahimovic. Vieri believes that Ibra is phenomenon as the Swedish...


Published on: 25/02/2020 by Mario Alfonsi

Happy 21st birthday Gigio!

Happy 21st birthday Gigio! Today AC Milan's goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma turns 21. Donnarumma has emerged as the best Italian goalkeeper thanks to...


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