AC Milan will not buy out Bakayoko ?!

Tiemoue Bakayoko
AC Milan will not buy out Bakayoko?!

AC Milan will not buy out Bakayoko ?!
When Tiemoue Bakayoko arrived in AC Milan most of the fans were very happy. Even though he never fit in in Chelesa everyone remembered his qualities from Monaco. The season started very poorly for Tiemoue, as he had few terrible performances. After few months Bakayoko finally adopted to the Italian league and started to produce great performances. After months of great displays Tiemoue started to make mistakes. His mistakes were not on the field, however they are in his behavior.

On the match against Lazio, Bakayoko took Acerbi’s jersey, and after that he made inappropriate jokes and photos on the social media. Another negative situation happened yesterday when he arrived late on training. After this Gattuso took the team in retreat. These actions made the AC Milan management consider the future of Bakayoko in Milan. Until recently everyone was sure that Milan will buy out Bakayoko from Chelsea. However it seems that after the season ends, Tiemoue will return in London. It is expected that AC Milan will not buy out Bakayoko because of his bad behavior.