After Cutrone, Milan to sell Calabria as well ?!

After Cutrone, Milan to sell Calabria as well ?!

After Cutrone, Milan to sell Calabria as well ?!
In the past 7-9 years, many talented players came out of AC Milan’s youth sector. One of the most notable names are Gianluigi Donnarumma , Davide Calabria , Manuel Locatelli, Bryan Cristante and Patrick Cutorne .

Even though all these years Milan is promoting the idea that they should build young team, this does not seems to be valid for their own talents.

So far the only player which grew up in Milan and got real support is Gianluigi Donnarumma. We all know that Bryan Cristante and Manuel Locatelli were sold, even though they were very promising players. Both of them now are very important players in AS Roma and Sassuolo.

This summer even one of the brightest Italian talents, Patric Cutrone was sold. Cutrone was one of the rare players which represented the famous AC Milan spirit from the glory days.

Today our sources confirm that this tradition of selling talented players is not going to stop. The next Milan youth product which is likely to be sold is the right-back, Davide Calabria.

Calabria is only 22-years old and has already shown impressive performances on several occasions. The interest in him is high, and most interested in his services are Fiorentina and Sevilla. Both clubs are preparing to make official offer for the player.

This is not surprising at all, if we consider the potential which Davide has. However it seems that his own club does not recognize this. Our sources from Italy confirm that Milan will sell Calabria if offer around 15 million euros arrives. This amount should not be any obstacle for Fiorentina and Sevilla.