Andrea Conti is set to join Parma?!

Andrea Conti to join Parma?!

Andrea Conti to join Parma?!
Andrea Conti arrived in AC Milan two years ago. At that moment Andrea was considered as one of the best right-backs in Italy. However in the past two years Conti made on 14 official appearances for Milan. Even from his first season in Milan, Andrea got stuck with injuries.

Now the player for whom AC Milan paid 24 million euros is finally fully fit. Even though there are still problems when we take him in consideration. A player who has not had played regularly in 2 years can not be in Milan’s first team. AC Milan’s management knows this and they are considering to loan him out. As most serious candidate for Andrea is the Serie A club Parma. Parma is ready to take Conti right away.

AC Milan at this moment is only considering dry loans, without any buy out chances. The management believes that Andrea should play one season regularly in other team in order to regain his former form. If Andrea leaves AC Milan, Davide Calabria will be the regular started on the right-back position. In the next few days we are going to know for sure if Andrea Conti is going to join Parma.