At 38 Ibrahimovic among the fastest in Italy

At 38 Ibrahimovic among the fastest in Italy
Zlatan Ibrahimovic returned in AC Milan at the start of the current transfer window, and with his arrival he influenced a lot in the club. His arrival meant a lot for all AC Milan players, and it gave them great boost as they were playing alongside the legendary player.

Even though Ibrahimovic is 38-years old he is still one of the best forwards in the world and among the fastest in Italy A big help to this is his excellent physical readiness. This is demonstrated on ever game which we watch for AC Milan since his arrival.

As the Serie A stats reports, Zlatan Ibrahomovic was the fastest player on the pitch on the game with Brescia . We understand that in one sprint Zlatan was running with impressive speed of 32.31 km/h. This come of physical performances are proof of Zlatan’s dedication and professionalism.

With this kind of performances Ibrahimovic is only setting excellent example for AC Milan’s young players. Most of the fans hope that he will play for the rossoneri next season as well.