Begovic will have his AC Milan debut already in Wednesday

Begovic will have his AC Milan debut already in Wednesday
Even though Asmir Begovic is not yet officially presented by AC Milan as their new goalkeeper it is expected that he will play already in Wednesday. Yesterday the experienced goalkeeper completed his medical exams with the rossoneri, after which it was expected that he will sign his contract.

However the official confirmation of this transfer is still not present on AC Milan’s social network profiles and their official website. We understand that the confirmation will arrive today, or at latest tomorrow.

Interesting report confirms that Begovic will most likely have his debut for AC Milan already in Wednesday. This Wednesday the rossoneri play their first game in Coppa Italia for this season, when they host SPAL on San Siro .

Gianluigi Donnarumma has small muscle injury, and Begovic will most likely play. It is very possible that Asmir Begovic will have his Serie A debut for the rossoneri this weekend as well. As our sources confirm if Donnarumma does not fully recover, Milan’s management will not put him at any risk. This means that Begovic can start for the rossoneri in the game with Udinese as well, which is on the program this Sunday.

The only alternative which Pioli can consider is Donnarumma’s brother Antonio . However as our analyst believe Antonio could play on 1 of these 2 games.