Bennacer: “I will give everything for Milan”

Bennacer: "I will give everything for Milan"

Bennacer: “I will give everything for Milan”
AC Milan’s midfielder Ismael Bennacer recently spoke to the Italian media. Here is what he said:

I adore Giampaolo. He phoned me and asked me to come in AC Milan. This is already a lot for me. I (Bennacer) will give everything for Milan. I believe that Giampaolo asked me to come because he likes how i play. I am good for his system. I know my qualities and i know that i can learn and improve. Winning the African Cup gave me confidence. However i am the same player as before. I only have more experience and i am even more convinced of doing well. Milan is the perfect solution for me. I was playing on the African Cup when Milan called me. I was not thinking too much about the move. I knew that the wanted me a lot and that was the most important thing.

Ismael Bennacer was one of the best players on this year’s African Cup. Without any doubt the Algerian midfielder will be huge boost for Milan this season.