Check out Suso ‘s goal against Bologna (VIDEO)

Suso goal against Bologna

Check out Suso ‘s goal against Bologna (VIDEO)
Yesterday was played the match between AC Milan and Bologna. The man who scored the first goal for AC Milan is nobody else than Suso. Even though in the past few months Suso was out of form, it seems that at the end of the season he is back. Suso was one of the best players of AC Milan in the past few seasons, but as we wrote yesterday his form started to fall. AC Milan even considered to sell him this summer if he does not show something in the last 4 matches.

The last time that Suso scored for AC Milan was on 21 January against Genoa. After that in more than 3 months he has only produced 1 assist. Yesterday he managed to score again great goal in the 37th minute.
Here you can check out Suso ‘s goal against Bologna: