Di Marzio: “Milan is ready to invest in January”

Di Marzio: "Milan is ready to buy in January"

Di Marzio: “Milan is ready to invest in January”
The famous Italian jouranlist Gianluca Di Marzio recently spoke to the Italian media regarding AC Milan’s transfers. Di Marzio believes that Milan is ready to invest again in the team, already in January:

Milan spent about 69 million euros in the summer market. However we have to remember that in the recent past the expenses were very high, so the club had to deal with this. Even though the club itself did not set up a spending limit, they could have easily spent 100 million. There was money in the treasury for Demiral, in case Juventus decided to sell him. The club is ready to invest in January if there will be good opportunity.

Even though the season just started and there is still time the Milan management surely is preparing for reinforcements. One of the most vulnerable positions is the right-back one. The most mentioned name for that position is the Tottenham player Serge Aurier.