Diego Laxalt left AC Milan to join Torino

Diego Laxalt will leave AC Milan this summer

Diego Laxalt will leave AC Milan this summer
Even though the transfer window is nearing till its end, many transfer remain to be closed. AC Milan has already brought many new players, but they still are working to reinforce the team. Important part of the transfer window are also taking the transfer for the outgoing players. One of the few players which are not in the plans for the next season is Diego Laxalt .

More or less the entire summer Diego was available for sale. Theo Hernandez was already brought from Real Madrid to replace the Uruguayan left back. Our sources confirm that it is sure thing the Diego will leave Milan before the transfer window close ( 2 September ) . However it is still not clear which club he will join. Two Serie A sides are in position to bring him, and it is entirely up to him which club he will chose. Torino and Sassuolo are waiting for his signature. Many meetings were held in Casa Milan over his transfer in the past few days. We understand that the most likely Diego will be loaned out. The price of the loan is expected to be 0.5 million euros, with option to buy for additional 11 million.

Our sources confirm that at the moment Torino is in best position to bring the talented player. The transfer will probably be completed today or tomorrow. One thing is sure Laxalt will leave AC Milan in the next 2 days.

UPDATE::: Diego Laxalt will 100% join Torino. Official confirmation for Diego’s transfer will arrive in the next few hours.