Fiorentina interested in 4 Milan players

Fiorentina interested in 4 Milan players

Fiorentina interested in 4 Milan players
As the transfer windows gets closer, more and more news regarding possible transfers will appear. Our sources confirm that Fiorentina is interested in 4 AC Milan players, and will try to bring them on Stadio Artemio Franchi.

Giacomo Bonaventura is one of the players for whom Firentina is most interested. They would sign Bonaventura as free agent, as his current contract with Milan expires at the end of the season.

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Besides Bonaventura, Fiorentina is also interested in Borini, Ricardo Rodrugiez and Suso. AC Milan is open to sell Borini , as he is out of all plans which the current management has for the future.

Ricardo Rodriguez stay in the rossoneri is becoming more and more questioned. Theo Hernandez is offering great performances, and has become crucial player for Milan. This means that Ricardo will get little if no chances. If Fiorentina sends offer from 20 to 30 million, this transfer can not be excluded.

One of the least possible transfers is the one for Suso . It is very unlikely that Fiorentina will have the money to bring Suso in Florence as Milan will require at least 40 million for him, and might not even consider to sell him to Italian club.