Franck Kessie: Gattuso is great person and coach, all of us must be as Higuain

Franck Kessie
Kessie celebrating his goal

After the yesterdays match Franck Kessie was interviewed by Sky Sport. In the interview he mainly spoke about two topics, Gattuso and Higuain. 

Here is what Franck said about Gonzalo Higuain:

“He is a great player, who is able to score 20 – 25 goals per season. This is what we needed, Gonzalo gives hand to the entire team and works a lot. It is normal for team like Milan to have world class striker as him, his mentality is to always win. I believe that we always have to enter the pitch with mentality like his.

Here is what Franck thought about Gattuso:

Gattuso is a great person and a great coach. Rino is very good at motivating the players, also he is big hard-worker. All our training sessions are with high intensity. The results can be seen on the field, we are going 2000/3000 per hours, just as Mr. Gattuso wants.

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