Gattuso will remain in AC Milan in only one case!

Gattuso will remain in AC Milan in only one case!

Gattuso will remain in AC Milan in only one case!
This season Gennaro Gattuso and his AC Milan job are among the most discussed topics in the Italian soccer. The team this year has had many ups and downs. Many fans were cheering and claiming that Rino was the best option for Milan, when the club was winning. However in the past 2 months the things were not so good, and the team rarely succeed to win all 3 points.

After this bad series of results most of the fans have turned their back to Gattuso. Most of them claim that he is not the right man to lead the club, in which he spent most of his career.

Well it is true that Rino in not very experienced coach. But we must also admit that for a long time we have not had a coach which is so much dedicated to the team. Gennaro Gattso is symbol of once AC Milan was, and his team management skills are showing the results. The experience will undoubtedly come with time.

AC Milan Spot’s analysts confirm that Gennaro Gattsuo can stay in the team in only one case. If we take into consideration all the facts from this season, the team must qualify to the Champions League. Anything less than 4th place would mean that Rino will have to departure with his beloved club. However if AC Milan finishes 4th, or by any miracle 3rd that the chances are very high that Gattuso will lead the team the next season.

To accomplish this Rino needs the help from Juventus. Next weekend the currently 4th placed Atalanta is playing against Juventus in Torino. If Juventus manages to defeat the strong Bergamo team than AC Milan will climb on the 4th position. Of course AC Milan will must to win the last 2 matches of the season.

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