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Gennaro Gattuso will lead the team against Inter!!!

Gennaro Gattuso will lead the team against Inter!!!
Today was published the decision on Gennaro Gattuso’s suspension, which he received last weekend. Many fans were afraid that AC Milan’s coach Gennaro Gattuso will not be able to lead the team into one of the most important matches in the season. Serie A ‘s decision on Gattuso’s suspension is that he will be fined with 15 thousand euros. But the good news is that Gennaro will be on the bench to support his team against Inter.

Besides the money fine, Gattuso also received a formal warning from the league. Gattuso was suspended the past weekend, when AC Milan beat Chievo because he did 2 infractions. The first infraction is that he was
continuously leaving his technical area. The second infraction was that Gennaro was provoking Chievo’s player in the 35th minute.

The fact that Gattuso will lead the team against Inter is very positive, and increases the chances for victory in the derby!