Here is how much Ibrahimovic will earn in AC Milan

Here is how much Ibrahimovic will earn in AC Milan
As of few hours ago it is official, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has returned in AC Milan. Today we wrote that the last details are being discussed , and now everything is done.

This was confirmed by AC Milan’s official Instagram account, where there are already 2 photos of Zlatan.

Our sources understand that Ibarhimovic has signed 6 month contract with AC Milan, until the end of the season. However there is option the contract to be extended for 1 additional season.

We understand that on the initial 6 months Ibrahimovic will earn 3 million euros in AC Milan. If the contract is extended for the additional season, next season Ibrahimovic will have salary of 5 million euros.

Ibrahiomvic is one of the best players of all time, in his previous spell in AC Milan he brought the scudetto to the rossoneri. This time everyone wants to see Zlatan leading this Milan, as experience and leadership is what this team lacks.