Hernandez agent: “Theo will stay in Milan”

Hernandez agent: "Theo will stay in Milan"

Hernandez agent: “Theo will stay in Milan”
Theo Hernandez has arrived in Milan this summer. Even though he is member of the rossoneri short period, Hernandez has established himself as one of the best footballers in Milan.

These great performances in the red and black jersey caused his value to rise significantly . However AC Milan and their fans should not fear that he may leave the club. As his agent stated, Theo is happy in Milan and is going nowhere.

He will stay where he is. Milan is the right place for him, Theo needs to grow and now he is in an ideal team to do it.

Manuel García Quilón for Corriere della Sera

These are excellent news for everyone, as many different articles across the internet were relating Hernandez with other big European clubs.