Kessie will not leave AC Milan for less than 35 million

Franck Kessie will not leave AC Milan for less than 35 million
AC Milan is considering the sale of Franck Kessie . We already wrote on this topic since the end of last season. Even though he is an exceptional talent and already has plenty of experience, the management and the fans believe that his behavior is not at the required level.

Important thing is this saga is that there are plenty of clubs which want to see Franck in their teams. The biggest interests comes from England’s Premier League. Many offers for this young midfielder have already arrived, however none of them was good enough. As our sources confirm the biggest offer Milan received for Kessie is 28 million euros. This amount is too small and not enough for the giant club.

Our sources confirm that if any club wants to bring Kessie into their team they will have to pay at least 35 million euros. Additional bonuses in the transfer should be also included. We understand that this is the position on Milan’s management on this topic. Franck Kessie ‘s position in AC Milan is not guaranteed and he could leave soon.