Leao: Milan is dream and honour

Leao: Milan is dream and honour
AC Milan’s talented forward Rafael Leao recently gave interview for Milan TV. Leao spoke on many different topics, here are some of the most interesting statements:
On video games:

I play video games with my friends, but also with my teammates. Bennacer is the most competitive.

On being footballer:

I always liked football, but when i went to Sporting i understood that it could become my dream.

On his jersey number:

I liked the number 7, but it was already busy. I also liked the number 17, so i chose it.

On his favorite AC Milan players:

My favorites? Kaka, Maldini, Ronaldinho, but there are many other important players. It is a great honour for me to be here.

On his debut:

I did not expected to make my debut in the derby. For me it is honour and dream to wear the Milan jersey. I never expected to arrive in Milan so early.

On Ibrahimovic:

He is like older brother to me. He has always tried to help me to be better player and he makes the difference on the field. He is a bit hard on the field, but outside of it he is always a lot of fun.