Milan found perfect replacement if Suso leaves

Milan found perfect replacement if Suso leaves
Today we receive interesting update on AC Milan’s possible transfer moves. As the latest reports confirm the rossoneri are keen to bring Adnan Jannuzaj on San Siro. As well all know AC Milan was fan of the talented Belgium footballer even from the time when he played in Manchester United. However the rossoneri at that moment were unable to buy him.

This time the things are changed, and Januzaj can arrive in Milan already this January. As we understand Adnan is open to the idea to play in Italy and would be happy to play in Milan. However before the rossoneri can buy him they have to sell other player.

In fact in order to generate the required funds to finance Januzaj’s transfer Milan has to sell Suso first. In that case Januzaj will arrive in Milan as Suso ‘s replacement. This would be great boost for the rossoneri as Januzaj will fit perfectly in the new 4-4-2 formation. Another important fact is that Adnan can play equally well in 4-3-3, which means that if Milan reverts to their previous formation there will be still space in the team for Januzaj.

Besides permanent deal the rossoneri can also try to sign Januzaj on loan with buy-out option. However the chances of this deal are lower, as we understand that Real Sociedad are not very keen to accept that deal.