Mirabelli: “Raiola asked 30-40 million for renewal”


Today the former AC Milan director, Massimo Mirabelli gave interview for the Italian media. Mirabelli spoke on many different topics, but one of the most interesting was the renewal of Donnarumma.
Here is what he said about Gianlugi and Mino Raiola:

There is no hatred or war between us, everyone just wants to protect his own interests. Mino was probably used to my predecessors, but they did not managed to renew with Donnarumma, even though they had excellent relationship. It was very hot and demanding summer, but at the end it lead to contract extension without paying 30-40 million euros fee to Raiola. Sometimes the tones were quite heated.

Massimo also spoke about Ibrahimovic:

Warming the hears of the fans with a great champions who wore the Rossoneri shirt is wrong, they offered it to us too. We did that because AC Milan needs players for new cycle and Ibrahimovic despite being great champion, does not fall within this perspective.