Raiola: Donnarumma will renew?! Nothing is impossible!

Raiola: Donnarumma will renew?! Nothing is impossible!
The agent of AC Milan’s goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma recently spoke to the Italian media regarding some of his players. In the mixed zone after the yesterday’s game with Juventus among other players Raiola gave his opinion on Donnarumma and Ibrahimovic.
On Donnarumma:

Donnarumma will renew? Nothing is impossible! We have not talked about that yet. I still wait for the apologizes of the fans… His future? My job is to work for the good of the players. He still has two years left of his contract with Milan, there is plenty of time to evaluate.

Raiola also commented on Zlatan Ibrahimovic:

If he will renew with Milan? He will decide at the end of the season what he wants to do. What do i recommend? He should continue if he still feels the fun, or he should stop if he does not feel it anymore. For now it seems to me that he is having fun. He helps his teammates as he has given new mentality to the boys.