Reina: “We want to see stronger Milan”

Reina: “We want to see stronger Milan”
AC Milan’s goalkeeper Pepe Reina recently spoke to the Italian media on many things. Here are some of the most important statements:
On Milan’s current situation, and last game:

We must react to stop the bitterness which was caused our fans, when they left the stadium before the game ended. It was a bad display, obviously they are perfectly right. This week we hope to see stronger Milan, especially in terms of character, with more determination and personality.
I believe that in football when you pass situation like this, you came out stronger. All of us have to have this thought, we must react in a strong way. When we will get out of this situation, we hope to find more strength and spirit.

On Cristian Zapata :

Zapata was very important player for Milan. In the locker room he was a real man, a golden boy and great person. He will always be in our locker room. In the 90 minutes of the next game he will do his best for Genoa. We are going to do everything we can to cancel his performance, and come from Genoa with victory.