Saelemaekers : Number 56 brings me luck

Saelemaekers : Number 56 brings me luck
Even though Saelemaekers already had his debut for AC Milan, today was the official presentation of AC Milan’s latest signing Alexis Saelemaekers. Alexis spoke on many different topics, among them why he chose number 56 for his jersey:

56 is the first number which i had in the professional football, and it brings me luck. I hope to keep it until the end. I am comfortable with Bennacer, also with all players which speak French. I will try to learn Italian as soon as possible.

Alexis also revealed that he was contacted by Inter’s forward Romelu Lukaku:

He sent me a message as soon as i arrived in Milan. He told me that it would be nice to meet someone in the city from your country, even for advice on the city.

Saelemaekers spoke regarding Maldini, Boban and Ibrahimovic as well:

I found my self along profiles like Maldini and Boban. They are players that i have admired, a childhood dream. I was watching Ibra on TV, now i am with him in the locker room. It is special thing which gives me strength.