San Siro is on sale, are AC Milan and Inter going to buy it?!

San Siro is on sale, are AC Milan and Inter going to buy it?!

San Siro is on sale, are AC Milan and Inter going to buy it?!
It is very well known that AC Milan has decided that if they want stable economy, they must own their own stadium . Ever since we know about the club it has been playing on the legendary stadium San Siro, or how the nerazzurri call it Giuseppe Meazza. Inter’s plans for the future are similar to AC Milan’s and they are sure that the have to own their own stadium.

Because of this about 2 years ago the clubs came to an understanding to own a stadium together. This will help both clubs to have a stadium faster, cheaper, and all expenses will be divided in 2, instead on 1.

Our sources confirm that the plans for new stadium are completed, and the companies which are going to build it are already chosen. However the location issue still remains. Even from the start the Milan municipality wanted to keep the stadium in their ownership so that they can earn more money on regular basics, as so far with San Siro.

They did not wanted to allow Milan and Inter to buy San Siro, so they can control most of the things. Because of this issue Milan and Inter started to look for new location for the stadium. Few weeks ago we understood that a new location for the new stadium was found. As we understand both clubs decided to build the stadium in Sesto San Giovanni.

This indeed surprised Milan’s governor and today we understand that the municipality decided to put San Siro on sale. This is what both clubs always wanted, to buy San Siro and on its place to build the new stadium. However now even though San Siro is on sale for 70 million euros, the plans for a new stadium are in place for the land in Sesto San Giovanni.

We have contacted our analysts and asked them for opinion. They believe even though the Milan municipality changed their mind, the two clubs will not. They believe that the process for the new stadium has already stared and it will not be stopped. The new decision of Milan municipality will have no affect on the new stadium which will be built by AC Milan and Inter.