Serie A: AC Milan – Genoa Full Highlights (VIDEO)

Serie A: AC Milan - Genoa Full Highlights (VIDEO)

Serie A: AC Milan – Genoa Full Highlights (VIDEO)
Today was played the 26th game of the season for AC Milan in the Italian Serie A. The rossoneri hosted this game on San Siro, however the stands were empty as audience was not allowed to watch this game live. This is because of the huge spread of the Coronavirus in Italy, and the authorities are taking every measure possible to stop it.

Even thought on paper Milan were the favorites before the start of this game, the end result showed us something different. Without the big support from the fans, the rossoneri definitely did not felt like playing home. Genoa entered the game with clear idea, and played very organized and disciplined game. AC Milan on the other side at certain parts of the game lacked focus, and made unnecessary errors. Because of this the rossoneri were defeated by Genoa 2-1 , and the only goal for Milan was scored by Zlatan Ibrahimovic .
Here are the full highlights for the Serie A game AC Milan – Genoa :

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