Suso: I wish the best to Milan

Suso: I wish the best to Milan
AC Milan’s former player Suso recently spoke regarding his period in Italy. Suso spoke about Milan, his time in Genoa, the current coach Pioli and Atalanta’s coach Gasperini.
Here is what Fernandez this of Pioli:

I had no problems with him, we always talked in a clear way. I wish Milan, the coach and my teammates the best. I saw the derby, they played well, they had the lead 2-0, but in the end they lost 4-2.

On Gasperini:

He is the coach which helped me most. He was my coach in Genoa, and i liked to work with him. I like the way he teaches football. Everyone can see what he is doing with Atalanta. When i arrived in Genoa it was not happy moment of my career, but it changed me.

On Monchi and Sevilla:

He (Monchi) wanted me several times. This January i chose Sevilla so i can help the team. I will give my best, Sevilla has not seen the real Suso yet.