Southampton sent their first offer for Andre Silva

03/07/2019 Thomas Nickol 0

At the end of the last season Andre Silva returned in AC Milan after his loan spell in Sevilla.

AS Roma is interested in AC Milan’s Andre Silva

07/06/2019 Thomas Nickol 0

After Sevilla decided that they are not going to buy-out Andre Silva, the Portugal striker is set to return in AC Milan.

Andre Silva does not want to return, Wolverhampton his next destination?!

05/05/2019 Thomas Nickol 0

The stay of Andre Silva in Spain is coming to an end.

England is the next destination for Andre Silva?!

19/04/2019 Thomas Nickol 0

As we have understood Sevilla is not satisfied with his performance, and will not buy him out.

Gattuso: “Andre Silva is very interesting player”

01/03/2019 Thomas Nickol 0

Gennaro Gattuso today spoke on a press conference on many different topics.

Andre Silva will cost Sevilla 43 million euros

11/12/2018 Thomas Nickol 0

Today were published the details of the agreement between AC Milan and Sevilla.

The money from Andre Silva will be used for Higuain

23/11/2018 Thomas Nickol 0

Yesterday came confirmation that Sevilla will use their option to purchase the talented striker Andre Silva.