Orsi: Donnarumma has great mental qualities

25/01/2020 Thomas Nickol 0

The former Italian footballer Fernando Orsi recently gave very interesting statement for the Italian media. He believes that Donnarumma has great qualities..

Juventus still interested in Donnarumma

15/12/2019 Thomas Nickol 0

Gianluigi Donnarumma’s contract with AC Milan ends at the end of next season. Juventus are still interested in Donnarumma and see this as great…

Milan to postpone renewal talks with Donnarumma?!

10/12/2019 Thomas Nickol 0

Today we receive update on the negotiations for new contract between AC Milan and Donnarumma. Milan wants to postpone renewal talks with Donnarumma as…

Donnarumma won Italy golden boy award

27/11/2019 Thomas Nickol 0

AC Milan’s and Italian number 1 goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma won Italy golden boy award. This important award will be given to Gigio on…

Pellegatti: Donnarumma wants to stay in Milan

25/11/2019 Thomas Nickol 0

The Italian journalist Carlo Pellegatti recently gave interesting statement regarding Donnarumma, he believes that Donnarumma wants to stay in Milan …

Paris Saint-Germain no longer interested in Gigio?!

22/08/2019 Thomas Nickol 0

The future of the best Italian and AC MIlan goalkeeper this summer was under continuous doubt. Today we understand that PSG is no longer after Donnarumma…