Pioli: Bonaventura is very important player

14/12/2019 Thomas Nickol 0

AC Milan’s coach Stefan Pioli spoke to the media before the next Serie A game. Pioli believes that Bonaventura is very important player and …

Galliani: It would be romantic if Ibrahimovic returns to Milan

22/11/2019 Thomas Nickol 0

AC Milan’s former CEO Adriano Galliani recently gave his opinion on the possible Ibrahimovic return to Milan, here is what Adriano said…

Suso: I like everything in Milan

19/11/2019 Thomas Nickol 0

AC Milan’s winger Suso Feranndez recently gave interview for the Italian media. In that interview Suso stated that he like s everything in Milan …

Tonali: Gattuso is my idol

14/11/2019 Thomas Nickol 0

One of the most talented Italian midfielders, Sandro Tonali recently gave interesting statement. Tonali said that Gattuso is his idol and that he…

De Biasi: Milan lacks leadership and personality

24/10/2019 Thomas Nickol 0

The former coach and footballer Gianni De Biasi recently gave statement to the Italian media regarding AC Milan.

Reina: “We want to see stronger Milan”

04/10/2019 Thomas Nickol 0

AC Milan’s goalkeeper Pepe Reina spoke to the media on many topics. Reina stated that we are going to see stronger Milan in the next game….