Tavecchio: “Conte wants to coach in Italy”

Tavecchio: "Conte wants to coach in Italy"

Tavecchio: “Conte wants to coach in Italy”
The former president of the Italian Football Federation, Carlo Tavecchio recently spoke to the Italian media. The most interesting statement was related to the Italian coach Antonio Conte. Even when Antonio was at Juventus, he was connected to AC Milan, but the situation never so far gave him chance to train the rossoneri. Here is Tavecchio’s statement:

Conte wants to return and coach in Italy. He is a true leader, an added value for our football. I still have affection for Antonio. I regret that i did not gave him the money he requested in 2016. If i did we probably would have gone to the World Cup.

If the statement is true, than Antonio Conte will return to the Italian football soon. We believe that he is one of the best coaches in the world, and if someone is set to succeed Gattuso, than he would be the ideal person. However for now Gattuso is doing terrific job.