Two obstacles stand between Modric and Milan

Two obstacles stand between Luka Modric and AC Milan

Two obstacles stand between Luka Modric and AC Milan
Now that the summer transfer window is reaching its climax more and more news related to AC Milan appear. After the season ended Leonardo left AC Milan’s management. Paolo Maldini took Leonardo’s spot of director of sport. The Croatian and AC Milan’s legend Zvonimir Boban left FIFA to join AC Milan, and took Maldini’s old role. Now with Boban in the management Milan has much more connections that before.

If we take a look to the current squad, it is filled up with very young and very talented players. However there are not experienced players that have done much in their careers. The Italian media is relating the former best player of the world Luka Modric with the rossoneri. As we understand Luka Modric is keen to leave Madrid, and AC Milan is the most likely destination. Boban’s good relations with the talented Luka are very positive thing is this whole saga. They are the biggest weapon in Milan’s sleeve.

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Luka can help this young team follow the right path, and transfer his tremendous experience to them. However to all of this there are two obstacles. The first is his salary of 12 million euros, Modric will have to lower his salary in order to join Milan. The other is Real Madrid who is not keen to let go of one of their best players after the season they had. Maldini and Boban will have to do enormous work in order to bring the legendary Croat in AC Milan.