Verona – AC Milan Full Highlights and match analyse

Verona – AC Milan Full Highlights and match analyse
Yesterday was played the 3rd game of the Italian Serie A for this season. This weekend AC Milan played the newcomer in Serie A this season Verona. Most of the fans envisioned different match, than the one we all saw. Most of the reports before the match confirmed that AC Milan’s coach Marco Giampaolo changed his mind about the formation, and that he will start using last season’s 4-3-3. However Giampaolo turned out to be consistent in his believes, and AC Milan on this game as well played in the standard (for this season) 4-3-1-2 formation. The “trequartista” role this time was given to Lucas Paqueta.

Even from the start of the match AC Milan had problem to establish control on the match. Verona easily won possession and most of the time they were the team which controlled the game. This was the situation until the 21st minute of the game, when Stepinski did very bad foul on Mussacchio and got red card. This was a positive change for AC Milan which finally established full control over the game. Even though AC Milan had the ball in their possession they struggled to create real chance.

In fact in the first half of the game Milan managed to create only 2 chances, and had only one shot on the goal. From the start of the second half Lucas Paqueta was replaced with Milan’s latest acquisition Ante Rebic. This was the only change that Giampaolo made until the end of the game.

With Rebic on the field AC Milan become faster, and more fluent in the attacks. Once again Suso was one of the players which was trying to create a chance or score a goal. From the defensive aspect Alessio Romagnoli and Matteo Mussachio had outstanding matches, while Donnarumma had few outstanding saves.

In the 65th minute of the match after one shoot from Calhanoglu, the ball was deflected by Gunter’s hand and penalty was given to Milan. The penalty was taken by Krzysztof Piatek , who scored a goal in the 68th minute. After the consided goal Verona started to attack again, and was very close to score goal.

Before the end of the second half, in the additional time the referee gave red card to Davide Calabria and free kick to Verona. Luckily for us Verona did not scored from the free kick and the result remained 0 – 1. Next weekend on the program is the Derby della Madonnina.
Here are the full highlights from Verona – AC Milan game: