What’s The Early Word On AC Milan’s 2019/20 Chances?

What’s The Early Word On AC Milan’s 2019/20 Chances?

We’ve reached the middle of the summer, which is an appropriate time to check in on how clubs are looking between seasons. Transfers are still switching teams, which means rosters are far from solidified for the 2019/20 campaigns around Europe. However, with last season now squarely behind us, we can begin to assess the early word on clubs. Below is a collection of some of the things we’re seeing and hearing about AC Milan regarding the 2019/20 season.

A Pessimistic Tone

It’s fair to say that AC Milan is generally mired in a pessimistic tone, and has been for some time now. there was some optimism in the spring, when the club surged into the top three in Serie A and appeared to have righted the ship after a few years of struggle. In the end though, a failure to finish in the top four or win the Europa League left the club not only well out of contention domestically, but staring down another season outside of the Champions League. This saw Gennaro Gattuso stepping down and declining a severance package from the team – which maybe more than anything illustrated just how rough the finish was. These are all things most fans will be well aware of by this point, but to look back on them half way through the offseason is to explain the air of pessimism around the club.

Odds On Improvement

Now for the good news: some of the early odds on Serie A competition seem to suggest that AC Milan will bounce back. Most football betting sites that can be relied upon are based in the UK, but still cover activity in top-flight leagues throughout Europe. And though different sites will typically post slightly different odds, there’s an early consensus building that the club will at least have a shot at a top-four finish this time around. Granted, the odds still show Juventus as a runaway favorite, and Inter is still expected to be a superior side. But for AC Milan to have the confidence of bookmakers after the 2018/19 disappointment is encouraging.

Some Pundit Optimism

Just as some bookmakers appear to expect a bit of a jump for Milan, there are some football pundits who are starting to convey belief as well. Even Forbes published a piece late in June describing the “sensible and sustainable future” the club is now pursuing, and this outlook appears to be spreading (if somewhat slowly) among supporters and football analysts alike. What it means in a nutshell is that while Milan will not be breaking the bank to launch back into Serie A contention, it will be taking a methodical and strategic approach toward becoming an elite club once more. This doesn’t have any specific bearing on the team’s chances in 2019/20, but incremental progress would indicate a top-four finish.

Transfers To Come

Last but not least, there are also rumours that continue to swirl regarding potential transfers for Milan this summer. Real Madrid’s 21-year-old left back Theo Hernandez and midfielder Franck Kessie of Atalanta have already signed for the coming season, and currently there are stories out about everyone from Empoli midfielder Ismael Bennacer (who is all but a sure thing pending medical examinations) to Arsenal’s Lucas Torreira. The transfer picture is never entirely clear until all the ink has dried of course, but any discussion about the early word on AC Milan for 2019/20 has to mention a potentially significant influx of talent.